Offering a Hand

     Well folks, it’s officially the New Year! 2019 is upon us, and with it comes the hope of a fresh start through the process of reflection. When taking stock of 2018, it’s clear that our volunteers truly showed up for their Humboldt community. From the spring time, with our Annual Letter Carrier’s Food Drive, to the winter, which brought our Holiday Spirit Food & Fund Drive, community members like YOU - donating their time, money, and food - demonstrated the generous spirit of Humboldt. The holidays especially brought out the best in folks who wanted to make sure that no North Coast neighbor went hungry this season.   

     This season was particularly busy for Werner, one of our dedicated volunteers, who has consistently donated his time for the last four years! Werner is a recognizable face out and about in Eureka, and he has made himself known in the community as someone willing to lend a helping hand wherever and whenever possible. Werner shared, it’s the satisfaction of fulfilling his purpose that keeps him coming back to volunteer at Food for People again and again!   

     We sat down with Werner to talk a little bit about the help he has given Food for People in the last year, and what he is excited about in the new year. Werner works in the Eureka Choice Pantry as a Shopper’s Helper, assisting community members as they shop around the pantry. As he claims, the best part of that job is the fact that he is serving community members by making sure that the people who come into the pantry have the best foods available for their bodies. And he’s right – Food for People strives to serve fresh produce and food items with a high nutritional content so our neighbors vulnerable to hunger can live their healthiest life. Those aren’t all the benefits, though – having been a Eureka local for several decades, Werner loves being able to see familiar faces and meet new ones in the pantry. The way Werner sees it, there’s always an opportunity to strengthen our sense of community – one great way he likes to do that is by building relationships with the people we serve. The payoff of a strong community is deeply felt by all who enter the food bank.   

     Is 2019 your year to volunteer with Food for People? Are you a Humboldt local looking for some volunteering opportunities on the weekends in the New Year? Look no further – Food for People has a 2nd Saturday of the month volunteer event for folks who have limited time during the week. It is the perfect event to bond with family and friends while helping your community. To learn more about volunteering opportunities, please send us an email at @email or visit us at