Nonprofit Network

Our Nonprofit Network program offers low-cost food resources to nonprofit agencies seeking to provide nutritious foods to their low-income program participants. Our goal, as resources allow, is to provide a selection of low cost snacks, meal items, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other items that would supplement an agency's food budget. In some instances, categories of food may be free of charge, which is currently the case for fresh produce. The foods we make available come to us in part through the Feeding America network, a nationwide network of food banks that helps coordinate large donations of food.

How does an agency qualify to become a member agency in the Nonprofit Network?

  • An agency must be a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Agencies are required to provide a copy of letter of determination from the IRS verifying this. (Note: A religious organization can use the IRS letter from its national congregation if it can show that it is a congregation member.)
  • Complete and sign an application for membership (obtain from Food for People).
  • Review and sign Nonprofit Network Agency Agreement (obtain from Food for People).
  • Submit a list of agency's current Board of Directors.
  • Pay annual membership fee.
  • Pass an on-site inspection prior to approval as a member agency, and a minimum of once annually thereafter.
  • Ensure that at least one member of the agency's current staff will receive online certification (cost is $15/person) through If meals are prepared on-site, one current staff member must attend a full day Food Safety Manager Class offered by the county.

If your agency can meet these requirements and you are interested in applying, please contact Nora Lovell to begin the process. Email or call (707) 445-3166, extension 313.

What are the costs?

There is a low annual fee to be part of the program, which helps us offset the cost of initial and annual site monitoring required by Feeding America, in order for Food for People to be part of this nationwide network. We also pay to transport food to our warehouse, in addition to storing, refrigerating, and handling it. Agencies pay $0.19/lb for most food available to them through this program. Fresh produce is provided free of charge for the foreseeable future, thanks to grant funds that offset this cost. Quantities available to an organization may vary based on supplies on hand. We ask that organizations make a minimum purchase of 50 lbs at each shopping appointment and shop at least once per month. Once an agency is a member, shopping appointments are scheduled with our Operations Manager by emailing @email or calling (707) 445-3166, extension 304.