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Details of our temporary location for the Eureka Choice Pantry:

  • Hours of operation: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 10:30 am-3:30 pm
  • Location: 1720 10th St, Eureka (directly adjacent to the Cooper Gulch fields and the Eureka skate park).
    • Please note the Eureka Choice Pantry will be closed June 5th-9th for our move back to Food for People's 14th St. facility. 
  • Phone: New phone number for only the Choice Pantry and volunteer services: (707) 407-0447 (for appointments)
  • You can still reach our other staff and other 17 programs at our main phone number.

Upcoming move!

  • The Eureka Choice Pantry has been operating from Cooper Gulch while our original 14th Street Choice Pantry location has been under reconstruction--and it's almost done!
  • The Eureka Choice Pantry at Cooper Gulch will be closed June 5th-9th for our move back to 14th Street.
  • The Eureka Choice Pantry (and Food for People's headquarters) will reopen at our former address 307 W. 14th Street on June 13th!

More About the Choice Pantry

The Eureka Choice Pantry provides income-eligible community members with access to healthy and nutritious foods. Our system emphasizes both choice and a balanced diet.  People “shop” through their food selection process much like they would in a grocery store, rather than receiving pre-packaged bags. 

While the specific selection of food will vary from month to month, items from each nutritional food group (dairy, protein, grains, fruits, vegetables) are always represented. The choice system helps families to go home with the foods that they need and like while leaving behind items that they will not use, so none goes to waste. Volunteers and staff members are available to help shoppers with any questions about food groups, ingredients or Nutrition Facts labels. We even include recipe cards and taste tests throughout the pantry, to help shoppers with cooking ideas for healthy meals and snacks.

To reach our Choice Pantry Coordinator directly, email @email.

Our Choice Pantry primarily serves residents of Eureka. There are 16 other pantries located throughout the county, and each one is intended to serve its nearby community members. Click here to view a complete list of all Humboldt County food pantries.

Each household may “shop” in the Choice Pantry once per calendar month. To access pantry commodity foods, households must meet the following monthly income guidelines:

  • Household of 1 = $2,885.25
  • Household of 2 = $3,861.83
  • Household of 3 = $4,868.42
  • Household of 4 = $5,875.00
  • Household of 5 = $6,881.58
  • Household of 6 = $7,888.17
  • Household of 7 = $8,894.75
  • Household of 8 = $9,901.33
  • Over 8 = Add $1,006.59 each

*guidelines updated March 2023

How do I make an appointment in the Choice Pantry?


Call or stop by the Choice Pantry (now at 1720 10th St, Eureka, directly adjacent to the Cooper Gulch fields and the Eureka skate park) to pre-schedule an appointment for the current week. A receptionist will be available to schedule your appointment.

As available, appointment times will be offered within our regular Choice Pantry distribution hours. Days and hours the Choice Pantry is open are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 10:30am-3:30pm.

Please bring bags from home with you to your appointment, as our bag resources are low.

If you are physically unable to get to the pantry, another option is to fill out a proxy form or note that gives someone specific permission to pick up food on your behalf. When someone picks up for you, either this form (click here to download) must be used OR a hand-written note that contains the same info, which includes: Date, name of person food is for, name of person who has permission to pick up the food, signature, address, zip code, number of people in household. We will share a Spanish version of the form when it is available to us from the State.


Check in with the receptionist at the window at your appointment time.

We look forward to inviting households back inside to shop through the pantry with a shopping cart, just like in a grocery store, when it is safe to do so in the future. In the meantine, we are doing our best to seek out the most highly nutritious and desirable food items possible to include in bags that are ready to go when you arrive. This includes a variety of nonperishable foods, fresh produce, dairy, eggs, bread, and other items.

Are you looking for more fresh produce to bring home to your family?

The Choice Pantry offers fresh produce with every appointment. Another great opportunity to take home fresh fruits and vegetables is our seasonal Free Produce Market. It is held once per month at four locations across Humboldt County (Eureka, Fortuna, Garberville, Redway) and offers a great selection of free produce items. Click here for more information and a detailed schedule.

Need some assistance with your CalFresh application?

Appointments with our helpful staff CalFresh assistors can be conveniently scheduled ahead of time with our Outreach staff, just before or after your appointment in the Choice Pantry. A separate appointment date and time for CalFresh assistance can also be arranged. Email @email or call (707) 445-3166 and press extension 308 or 318 to make a CalFresh appointment. Click here to read more about our CalFresh Outreach program and learn about eligibility, the application process and how to get started.

Choice Pantry Experiences

“Thank you for your happy helpful spirit and good nutrition. And thanks for walking me through.”

“Keep up the good work. I cannot express my personal gratitude to you all for the work you do, so I will say “Thank you very much.”

“Thank you for all your wonderful work and amazing service to the community. There have been many months that my family would have gone without food if it wasn’t for Food for People. All of your volunteers and employees always have a bright and sunny disposition. Again, thank you!”

Volunteer opportunities

Interested in volunteering in the Choice Pantry? We have many positions available such as: receptionist, intake interviewer, shoppers’ helper, warehouse assistant, volunteer meal cook and assistant to the cook. Click here to visit our volunteer information page, and find out about these and many other volunteer opportunities