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Local cooking classes from home!

Check out our friend Meagen's cooking show, Cooking Healthy in Indian Country, which she creates herself in Hoopa, CA, often using fresh produce from our programs.







More about our Nutrition Education program

Our Nutrition Education program includes cooking classes and demos, taste tests and recipes for various Food for People programs, with the goal of educating the community about cooking healthy meals on a tight budget, especially with fruits and vegetables. Our Nutrition Educator customizes and updates recipes for our programs continually, to offer ideas on how to stretch a food box as far as possible and provide nutrition tips for good health. Don’t know what to do with that recently donated Jerusalem artichoke, butternut squash or quinoa? Not a problem! We always have recipes available alongside food items, and we often have little sample cups featuring a taste of the recipe, so people can try a new food or produce item. In order to encourage folks to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and to promote cooking healthy foods from scratch, our Nutrition Educator puts together “recipe kit” bags, including a recipe and all of the fresh produce ingredients one would need to make it.


Our Nutrition Education program is involved with all of our senior distribution sites and pantries in our Pantry Network, to offer the same services as available in the Choice Pantry. During the summer our Nutrition Educator visits many of our Children’s Summer Lunch sites, to engage children in fun cooking and nutrition activities, always featuring fresh fruits and vegetables.


Learning to cook and eat healthy on a budget

We offer a free monthly cooking class, taught by a local chef and cooking instructor, to share the many ways to prepare healthy, low-cost meals with food bank items with people who access our programs . As always, the class covers how to prepare fresh, seasonal produce and incorporate it into meals. All class participants get to taste a sample of each dish and take home recipes for trying it out at home. Contact our Nutrition Education Coordinator at (707) 445-3166 extension 305 to sign up for the next class.

Additional links for learning to cook and eat healthy on a budget include:

Budget Shopping/Eating Links:

  • Eating Healthy on a Budget, which has resources for smart shopping at the grocery store, preparing healthy meals, and planning menus.
  • A list of Healthy Foods Under $1 per Serving
  • Feeding a Family of 4 for $20 has tips on what's economical and what puts a large dent in the food budget, plus meal planning tips.
  • A new cookbook, Good and Cheap, written specifically for limited income households looking for healthy, creative ways to eat on $4 per day (an average SNAP/CalFresh budget)
  • Useful tips for grocery shopping without a car (stretching dollars, lightening the load, keeping food cold, and avoiding waste)
  • The Tenderloin Cookbook School is a cookbook created in San Francisco for households cooking in small spaces or with access only to a microwave, rice cooker, or slow cooker (or a stove). The cookbook is free online!
  • Find healthy, low-cost recipes in English, Spanish, and Chinese at, a website full of delicious, creative, and healthy recipes for limited-income households who are or might be eligible for CalFresh. (If you live in Humboldt County and would like to apply for CalFresh, you can not apply through, you must apply at

Saving Money and Eating Healthy with Fruits, Vegetables, and Beans:


Cooking ideas

  • 36 Things to Cook in a Coffee Maker--It turns out there are a lot of interesting things one can cook in a coffee maker, if lacking access to a full kitchen. If you try these, please be sure to keep a close eye on it, for safety.

Gardening and Farmers' Markets

Visit our Gardening with CalFresh + Farmers' Markets page, which has:

  • Instructions for growing a wide variety of specific fruits and vegetables in your garden
  • Information on utilizing CalFresh at local farmers' markets and accessing free bonus Market Match dollars
  • Information about Humboldt County farms that accept CalFresh/EBT at their farmstands, and for the purchase of a CSA share.


Rethink Your Drink

We regularly promote the Rethink Your Drink campaign, which encourages healthy drink choices by educating the community about the added sugars in sugar-sweetened beverages. Rethink Your Drink lessons teach children and parents how to read nutrition labels to determine the sugar content of sodas, sports drinks and other sweetened drinks. We present Rethink Your Drink lessons in a variety of food bank programs and community settings and encourage families to drink water instead of sugary drinks. A variety of Rethink Your Drink resources, materials and curricula are available online including from the Health Ed Council and Network for a Healthy California.




If you have a question about our Nutrition Education program, give us a call or email our Nutrition Education Coordinator at