The programs offered by Food for People are intended to serve as a safety net for those whose circumstances have left them at risk of hunger and food insecurity. Our goal is to provide individuals and househoulds with the emergency and supplemental food they need, while working to address the root causes of hunger in our county.

Food for People is designated as the Food Bank for Humboldt County and coordinates distribution of food countywide through a variety of hunger relief programs.

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  • Food Pantries

    • Choice Pantry

      We serve as the food pantry for the greater Eureka area and oversee the direct distribution of food through our Choice Pantry several days a week for up to 1,350 families or households (2,950 individuals) per month. The Choice Pantry style of food distribution allows folks to shop through our pantry and select the foods they want and need, so none goes to waste. Shopping is based on a nutritional point system to ensure that everyone gets a balance of foods from every nutritional food group. Click here for our September schedule.

    • Emergency Food Pantry Network

      Our Emergency Food Pantry Network provides food for 15 pantries and 4 congregate meal programs (soup kitchens) located throughout Humboldt County. Our Pantry Network truck delivers food to each site monthly, ensuring that every pantry receives the maximum amount of food possible to distribute in their communities. Food for People monitors each site and provides technical assistance, as needed. Collectively, the Pantry Network serves approximately 6,000 people each month at pantries throughout the county and helps congregate meal programs provide an average of 4,800 meals per month. Pantries are located in Arcata, Bridgeville, Blue Lake, Eureka, Fortuna, Garberville, Loleta, McKinleyville, Orick, Trinidad, Scotia, Ferndale and Willow Creek.

  • Senior and Homebound Programs

    • Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP)

      The Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) provides a 30-40 pound box of nutritious food monthly for 200 program participants. Our target population includes income-eligible seniors (age 60 and older), and pregnant and postpartum mothers and children up to age six who are not enrolled in WIC (Women, Infants and Children program). All boxes come with the addition of bread and up to 10 lbs of fresh produce. Services are currently provided in Eureka and a limited number of communities.

    • Homebound Delivery Program

      The Homebound Delivery Program provides a monthly bag of groceries for up to 100 individuals under 60 years of age who are too ill or disabled to leave their homes. Services may be provided on either a short-term or long-term basis, depending on the nature of the illness or disability. Some of our program participants are recovering from surgery or treatments, while others may be coping with a terminal illness. Referrals are required and accepted from hospital discharge planners, social workers, home health workers, medical professionals, etc. This program is completely supported by local donations.

    • Senior Brown Bag Program

      The Senior Brown Bag Program has been in operation since 1987, and currently provides a monthly bag of groceries for up to 400 low-income seniors age 60 or older at locations throughout Humboldt County. Volunteer drivers deliver bags to those who are unable to pick up their own food. This program is completely supported by local donations. Each bag consists of a variety of USDA and locally donated foods, bread and up to 10 lbs of fresh produce. Services are currently provided in Arcata, Blue Lake, Bridgeville, Eureka, Fortuna, Hoopa, Manila, McKinleyville, Orick, Orleans, Redway, Rio Dell, Trinidad, Weitchpec and Willow Creek.

  • Children’s Programs

    • After School Snack Program

      The After School Snack Program was initiated in October 2006 and provides healthy snacks in after school settings at various schools and youth programs for up to 400 children per day. Last year we distributed 65,242 snacks at 13 sites. Many of the sites are also partners in the summer lunch program.

    • Backpacks for Kids

      The Backpacks for Kids Program provides a backpack filled with kid-friendly food on Fridays during the school year for children who are considered at risk for hunger over the weekend. Last year we served 418 children per week at 19 schools throughout the county.

    • Children’s Summer Lunch Program

      The Summer Food Service Program, also known as the Children’s Summer Lunch Program, provides free sack lunches to low income children whose families cannot afford the additional cost of the extra meals once school is out. The majority of the children served qualify for free or reduced cost breakfast and lunch during the school year. Last summer, we provided 14,946 lunches at 20 community sites thanks to the support provided by a wide variety of community partners.

  • Free Produce Markets

    • Free Farmers' Market-Style Produce Distributions

      Food for People sponsors four locations of free farmers’ market-style produce distributions throughout Humboldt County from May through October. This program is available thanks to partnerships with California Association of Food Banks’ Farm to Family program, Foodlink, and thanks to grant funds that offset costs. Farm to Family supplies Food for People and other California food banks with fresh produce directly from the fields of the Central Valley. Along with locally grown and freshly gleaned fruits and vegetables from Humboldt County, we are able to host a monthly, free outdoor produce market, the People’s Produce Market, at the food bank in Eureka, and sponsor sites monthly in Fortuna, Garberville and Redway, to ensure that all of our neighbors have equitable access to the nutritious, seasonal fresh produce we all need for good health.

    • Mobile Produce Pantry

      It takes creativity to address hunger and at the same time improve access to fresh fruits and vegetables throughout Humboldt County. Thanks to a network of local partnerships, Food for People launched its newest program in July of 2012: the Mobile Produce Pantry. The Mobile Produce Pantry is a refrigerated truck full of fresh fruits and vegetables that the food bank drives to specific locations across the county, from the far north, to the east, and all the way to the south, stopping in communities large and small to set up free farm stand-style distributions in communities where low-income residents struggle to access fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Calfresh Outreach and Nutrition Education

    • CalFresh Outreach

      CalFresh is a nutrition assistance program that helps low-income individuals and families buy the food they need for good health. CalFresh dollars help stretch a tight food budget and help many folks afford to incorporate healthy foods like fruits and vegetables into their diets. In 2009 Food for People launched the “Bring a Million to Humboldt County” campaign to educate the community about the benefits of what was then known as the Food Stamp Program and to help eligible households apply for benefits. This season, farmers’ markets in Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville, Fortuna and Garberville will offer bonus dollars to CalFresh shoppers through Humboldt Market Match. Food for People coordinates the Humboldt County CalFresh Task Force, which brings together County agencies and community partners working on CalFresh Outreach throughout Humboldt County, to stay current on local CalFresh information and processes, share information and support each other's work.

    • Nutrition Education

      Our Nutrition Education program includes cooking classes, taste tests and recipes for various Food for People programs, with the goal of educating the community about cooking healthy meals on a tight budget, especially with fruits and vegetables. We customizs recipes for our programs continually, to offer ideas on how to stretch a food box as far as possible and provide nutrition tips for good health. Don’t know what to do with that recently donated Jerusalem artichoke, butternut squash or quinoa? Not a problem! We always have recipes available alongside food items, and we often have little sample cups featuring a taste of the recipe. Click here if you'd like to jump directly to our online library of popular recipes.

  • Food Drives and Gleaning

    • Food Drives

      Food Drives are part of our Local Food Resources Program. Food donations from the community help us feed an increasing number of people in need throughout Humboldt County. Last year our community donated 132,638 lbs of food through community food drives. An astounding 82 organizations, schools and businesses participated, in addition to thousands of generous community members. We accept walk-in donations all year long at our warehouse during business hours, and we are happy to provide a receipt for your tax deductible donation.

    • Gleaning Program

      The Gleaning Program is one of two programs housed under our Local Food Resources Program. Last year the Gleaning Program accessed and harvested 73,678 lbs of fresh local produce from farms, orchards and community members’ backyard gardens. We received surplus fruits and vegetables from 53 local farms, some of which also plant extra as their way of participating in the Plant a Row for the Hungry campaign. Volunteers help harvest a portion of the produce under the supervision of our Local Food Resources Coordinator.

  • Emergency Food and Disaster Program

    • Emergency Food and Disaster Program

      The Emergency Food and Disaster Program links Food for People with our local chapter of VOAD, Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster. Should a disaster strike Humboldt County, Food for People would work with other local groups to make food available to any community experiencing hardship.